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    本公司是一家国内合资企业,位于交通便捷的上海中心城区边缘,专业从事各种建筑膨胀螺丝(壁虎钉)和其他五金件的开发、生产及销售,其中窗式膨胀螺丝(METAL FRAME ANCHOR)和套管式膨胀螺丝(SLEEVE ANCHOR)均采用多工位连续模生产,工艺先进,质量稳定,已成批出口西欧、中东和俄罗斯,赢得国内外的好评。
     近年来,膨胀螺丝及五金产品的市场十分繁荣,群雄云集,但又鱼龙混杂,竞争激烈; 我公司坚持先进的连续模生产工艺,力争质量取优,价格取胜。我们的目标是:"制作工艺及质量和外企看齐,价格与浙江同行竞争"。

    Located in the edge of shanghai with convenient transportation, our company is a domestic joint venture, which specializes in the development, manufacture and sales of all kinds of construction anchors and other hardware. Our metal frame anchor and sleeve anchor are all produced with automatic molds. Their advanced techniques and first-class quality have won good reputation in various markets such as Western Europe, the Middle East and Russia etc.
    Recently, sharp competition booms the market of anchors and hardware. Well-developed enterprises enter into the market while fakes are also existing. In such circumstances, our company insists on technology of automation, good quality and favorable price.
The target of our company is: Having world class technology and quality with the price on the lower level.
    Our company is also capable of designing and exploring new products. We have our own mold workshop to process according to customers' drafts and samples. We have the principle of focusing on development of technology, cutting down profit to sell more, and having assuring quality and credit.
    You are most welcome to establish business relationship with us.

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